Peer-to-peer rental of agricultural and forestry material!

Save on material acquisition, benefit from your underutilized assets!

Exagrange is the first open peer-to-peer marketplace for agricultural and forestry material rentals... and much more (land and buildings). Maple and equestrian equipment are also welcome.

  More than 140 categories of equipment listed.  

• Exagrange allows owners to make underused assets profitable and improve the incomes of farmers and forestry operators through additional monetary contributions.

• Exagrange allows renters to save on the acquisition of new equipment or other assets to improve the profitability of sectoral farms by reducing costs and debt, and to increase the flexibility of the farm.

⭐ To register, advertise and view the items listed is FREE! Exagrange generates its income by a percentage levied on transactions completed on a peer-to-peer. The Exagrange service is available online in all regions of Quebec in which its users are located. No administrative burden, it's simple, fair and useful.

Using and trading on Exagrange is total transactional freedom!

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