Information about Exagrange


     EXAGRANGE is a free PEER-TO-PEER rental marketplace for materials, tools and equipment ... and much more (land and real estate). 

⭐ The platform offers a complete interactional and transactional infrastructure by framing the rental transaction to minimize the risks and protect both the Owner and the Renter. Exagrange allows users to be empowered, because everything is planned by including electronic payment between peers, the regulations governing the relationship and the rental agreement.

• Exagrange allows renters to save on the acquisition of new equipment or other assets to improve the profitability of operations by reducing costs and debt, and to increase the flexibility of the farm.

• Exagrange allows owners to make profitable underutilized assets and improve the income of agricultural and forestry operations through additional contributions. 

   Registering, announcing and viewing the listed items is FREE! Exagrange generates its income by a percentage levied on transactions completed on the peer-to-peer marketplace. The Exagrange service is available online in all regions of Quebec in which its users are located. Without administrative burden, it is simple, fair and useful via a turnkey solution for which everything is planned to make the experience of transaction between peers simple, secure and productive. Users are autonomous and in control of their experience.

   Exagrange is an independent and autonomous company, dedicated to the success and solidarity of farmers and forestry. EXAGRANGE contributes to the empowerment of farmers and forestry, around the notion of solidarity and a real social project.     

Exagrange values :

The values on which Exagrange is based are those of the solidarity economy, while redefining its borders. These values contribute to democratizing the economy from free citizen engagements that take place through an empowerment oriented interaction based on ethics in human relations. Exagrange offers an infrastructure developed with a view to generating positive spinoffs on three levels associated with sustainable development: the economic, the social and environmental levels. Exagrange provides an infrastructure for the creation of collective value articulated around these three plans.

On the economic level, the direct benefits of Exagrange include the increased use of unused assets, an extension of the productive use of current equipment and a decrease in the purchase of new equipment in favor of rental, hence the reduction in the indebtedness of agricultural enterprises and greater flexibility of agricultural holdings. The indirect benefits of Exagrange include increased local and regional economic activity generated by peer-to-peer transactions, as well as increased productivity and overall profitability of agrarian operations. 

On the social level, the direct benefits of Exagrange include the increase in interactional activity to facilitate the weaving of positive links and solidify the sectoral social fiber.  

From an environmental standpoint, Exagrange is part of the ecological awareness of the circular economy by making better use of existing resources and more indirectly by reducing the waste associated with it.

Exagrange contributes to the empowerment of operators while remaining focused on sustainable development around the notion of solidarity and a true social project. 

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